Kort Gronbach, MD Pain Management
Bryan Grischow, DO General Surgery
Craig Berg, MD Neurosurgery
Mark White, MD Neurosurgery
Gunwalt Mallik, MD Neurosurgery
Kheim Kelly, MD Neurosurgery
Nikesh Batra, MD Pain Management
Robert Gould, DO Pain Management
Junaid Mukhdomi, MD Pain Management
Taif Mukhdomi, MD Pain Management
Michael Simek, MD Pain Management
Michael Skeels, DO Pain Management
Anshuman Swain, MD Pain Management
Nikhil Verma, MD Pain Management
Drew BelPedio, DPM Podiatry
Bryan Feldner, DPM Podiatry
James Foster, DPM Podiatry
Sarah Viselli, DPM Podiatry
Vincent Staschiak, DPM Podiatry

NOTE: The physicians at Eastwind Surgical are licensed physicians who have been approved by the center’s
medical credentialing committee. Physicians are not employees of Eastwind Surgical. This list includes owners and non-owners.

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Physician Ownership List